hello and goodbye

guys, i'm taking an official break from The Realist blog. I still draw it every week for the printed paper but can't find the time to update the blog on a weekly basis. i will be back once the little life tsunami is over, hopefully sooner than later. 
meanwhile the Facebook page might have an occasional update and the Etsy print store is always open.
i want to thank illustrator Sari Cohen for the translations to english and designer Gershon Flaisher for his font design. and you, for sticking around.
that's it.



money time

החל מהשבוע אני כותב את הקומיקס בעברית בפונט "חנוכה", יצירתו של המעצב והטיפוגרף המצוין גרשון פליישר.  תודה לגרשון על שהצליח לשבט את כתה היד שלי בצורה מושלמת. עוד על גרשון ועבודתו כאן

rain check

it's nice to have water coming down from the sky for a change.

after over 140 realist episodes i figured its about time to start labeling the strips. i'm still going through the archive and it might take a while to complete, but in case you are interested, check the list below.

also the etsy print shop has been updated.

White Boy

2 years of The Realist are now collected in a book (french) , published by Steinkis.
You can browse a sample of it here.
The titel means "Knocked out in Tel Aviv". In french K.O. sounds also like Chaos which suits well the story of my life.

I will be making a small tour in Paris and Bruxelles, along with Sarah Glidden, please come say hi if you happen to be around:

Wednesday the 30th May
o From 6:30pm: signing session at Virgin Megastore Champs Elysées, with Sarah Glidden.

Thursday the 31st May : Bruxelles (Belgium)
o From 6:00 to 8:00pm: signing session at Filigranes bookshop

Friday the 1st June
o From 5:30pm: signing session at Millepages Bookshop (Vincennes), with Sarah Glidden

Saturday the 2nd June
o From 4:00pm: signing session at Bdnet bookshop in Paris, with Sarah Glidden

Sunday the 3rd June
o From 3:00pm: signing session at Librairie du Temple, Paris.

A Bien Tot!

Look! Up in the Sky!

There's a war coming. Everyone knows it but nobody seems worried, almost as if it's just a longer winter. The experts are saying it's happening in May. We will wake up to the sounds of sirens, grab the kid and run down to the shelter. Tel Aviv will be bombed by hundreds of missiles. from that point on it will be hard to predict what will happen, but I will do my best in the limits on this blog to provide an accurate description, projecting a possible future.

Meanwhile, consider getting a Limited Editions Print of the Realist from the new Etsy store. It might not be there for very long, but surly will last at least until May.

week 70 :: Sgt Shalit is Coming Home

Sgt Gilad Shalit has been in Hamas captivity for more than 5 years. During that time, my son was born, we moved to a new apartment and I started documenting my life in comics form. I did a piece about Shalit in the past (and one about Astronauts).
But today everything changes.A deal was signed with Hamas. More than thousand Palestinians prisoners will be released from Israeli jail in return for Shalit. After a short period of national joy once the announcement was made, the debate in Israel questioned that exchange. Is it worth it?

week 63 :: the revolution will be televised

The times are changing in Israel. A city of tents is being built at the center of Tel Aviv, on Rothschild avenue, by thousands of middle and working class citizens who are unable to afford a decent home or even pay their bills.
(Haaretz) "More than anything, the protest places civilian issues front and center in the public discourse, with distribution of resources, concentration of economic power, the link between big business and government and the state's obligation to its citizens at the top of the list." more here

On a different front, I'm posting process sketches of the Realist on google + under my name.