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"Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba’aneh, a contributor to the Cartoon Movement comics journalism site, was arrested by Israeli authorities on Saturday and is being held without access to a lawyer, a situation that could continue indefinitely. The Cartoon Movement blog has been tracking the story as well as the reaction by international organizations." (robot 6)

" je pense que la place de ce jeune dessinateur n’est pas au « Salon des Refusés ». Je défends sa liberté d’expression et condamne la liberté d’oppression dont Israel use parfois sans juste mesure." (Kichka)

other works about Saba'aneh's arrest:
Michel Kichka

Carlos Brilo


Pick Your Flavor

(Inspired from the famous New Yorker cover by Art Speigelman.)

Israel is reacting violently to the wave of refugees coming from Africa.

Recent events in South Tel Aviv demonstrates how badly the Israeli society and government deal with anything different from the familiar.

This sketch is about Olmert, Israel X prime minister "There is a surrealistic tone to Olmert’s triumphalist responses to the Jerusalem District Court's verdict." JP

And this is about a guy who was too desperate to do anything else


Sambusak from Outer Space

Sambusak (also known as Turnovers or Empandas) is a traditional Middle eastern specialty, and a highly popular pastries in the Jewish-Iraqi cuisine. I have been eating it ever since I can remember. actually, mixed cheese Sambusak is the source of my superpowers.


White Boy

2 years of The Realist are now collected in a book (french) , published by Steinkis.
You can browse a sample of it here.
The titel means "Knocked out in Tel Aviv". In french K.O. sounds also like Chaos which suits well the story of my life.

I will be making a small tour in Paris and Bruxelles, along with Sarah Glidden, please come say hi if you happen to be around:

Wednesday the 30th May
o From 6:30pm: signing session at Virgin Megastore Champs Elysées, with Sarah Glidden.

Thursday the 31st May : Bruxelles (Belgium)
o From 6:00 to 8:00pm: signing session at Filigranes bookshop

Friday the 1st June
o From 5:30pm: signing session at Millepages Bookshop (Vincennes), with Sarah Glidden

Saturday the 2nd June
o From 4:00pm: signing session at Bdnet bookshop in Paris, with Sarah Glidden

Sunday the 3rd June
o From 3:00pm: signing session at Librairie du Temple, Paris.

A Bien Tot!