moving forward

this image is the first page of the new Realist graphic novel collection "K.O. a Tel Aviv 2" from Steinkis edition (french). here are a few shots of the book:

I'll be present in a few book shops this weekend for the signing:
séance de dédicaces à Paris:
avec Bulles En Tête Librairie Bdnet BD et CompagnieBulles de Salon 14

16H-19H : Dédicace Librairie Bulles en Tête, 54 Rue des Dames, 75017 Paris

16H-19H : Dédicace Librairie BD Net Bastille, 26 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris

14H-17H : Dédicace Librairie BD et Compagnie, 71 rue de Lourmel, 75015 Paris

17H30-20H : Dédicace Librairie Bulles de Salon, 87 Rue Daguerre, 75014 Paris 

talk soon,


hello and goodbye

guys, i'm taking an official break from The Realist blog. I still draw it every week for the printed paper but can't find the time to update the blog on a weekly basis. i will be back once the little life tsunami is over, hopefully sooner than later. 
meanwhile the Facebook page might have an occasional update and the Etsy print store is always open.
i want to thank illustrator Sari Cohen for the translations to english and designer Gershon Flaisher for his font design. and you, for sticking around.
that's it.



money time

החל מהשבוע אני כותב את הקומיקס בעברית בפונט "חנוכה", יצירתו של המעצב והטיפוגרף המצוין גרשון פליישר.  תודה לגרשון על שהצליח לשבט את כתה היד שלי בצורה מושלמת. עוד על גרשון ועבודתו כאן

Pick Your Flavor

(Inspired from the famous New Yorker cover by Art Speigelman.)

Israel is reacting violently to the wave of refugees coming from Africa.

Recent events in South Tel Aviv demonstrates how badly the Israeli society and government deal with anything different from the familiar.

This sketch is about Olmert, Israel X prime minister "There is a surrealistic tone to Olmert’s triumphalist responses to the Jerusalem District Court's verdict." JP

And this is about a guy who was too desperate to do anything else


My Winter's Tale

things have improved drastically since the last time I posted. Thanks everyone for your kind words, it busted the healing process like crazy. I'm now almost back to normal except when I walk, I'm kinda off balance but doc says it should normalize eventually.
for those outside of Israel: in this week's post I mention Matzah Brei, it's really good and you should give it a try if the opportunity presents itself.

lastly, I want you to check out the work of illustrator Sari Cohen. she is a former student and does great comics and illustration. Sari is also translating The Realist from hebrew since week 72.

week 78 :: And Then She Was Gone

A small group of Ultra-Orthodox Jews from Beit Shemesh (near Jerusalem), has gone wild. Under the pretense of "life of modesty" they have attacked a girl of 8 years old on her way to school because she wasn't dressed according to their dress code. They insist that on public transportation women will sit in the back, and generally prefer women to stay in the shadows (meaning take care of the children AND go to work, since they are busy studying the words of god). As long as they have acted as a sect in Mea-Shearimg (Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem) no one tried to stop them. Now, as they are spreading to other parts of the country, they are trying to force their primitive values and twisted morals on everyone else.

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